Global Domains International Review

So What is Global Domains International It is A company founded by Michael Starr and Alan Ezeir in 2000, and it offers website services such as its unique domain names like ( – instead of the typical “.com”, “.net,” “.org” etc.). Along with business email services and web hosting services. Before you even make a commitment there is away possible to make money even before you spend any money with a 7 day free trial. Imagine Making money with no investment up front. With these services you are given chance to make Bonus and have INFINITY levels of width. To learn more you can click Here.   But let’s talk more about GDI Compensation Plan Even though it is a domains marketing company, there is a  affiliate side that allows you to make money from the comfort of your own home.  Global Domains International gives you the ability to get paid when you refer a customer into the company or an affiliate.  It is a process of  recruiting others so you and them may accumulate residual income. It is  a cheap process though when it comes to domain names and web hosting just for only $10, you are ready to go with a domain name and hosting.  All of the larger hosting companies charge you way more for the same quality hosting. Global Domains International offers a 5-Level Compensation Plan to affiliates even if they are signed up for the free trial. Upon every successful referral on the1st level to GDI, you are paid $1 per month, per domain, so long as your referral/s continues to pay for their domain/s. No such limits to the number of 1st level referrals, and you will get a 10% commission ($1) up to INFINITY Levels. You Read that correctly INFINITY Bonus LEVELS. How the Infinity bonus works is On the final day of each month, you must have a minimum of 10 new personally-referred, active affiliates on your first level. Each of those ten people must have a minimum of 10 personally-referred, active affiliates on their first levels too. must have a total of 5000 or more active, affiliates within the first five levels of your downline, including your own account. Remember to continue with this bonus you have do the same steps again the next month.It just doesn’t stop there. Here Are Some More Money Grabbers $5000 Bonuses (DOLLAR$) Any GDI affiliate who can refer 1,000 or more new affiliates in any consecutive four week period is eligible to receive the Heavy Hitter Bonus. A whopping 5,000 dollars! But wait! That’s 1,000 people in 28 days! If we’re being honest here, there is no way someone will be able to recruit 1000 people within a month. $100 Bonuses For every five affiliates that you refer to GDI within 7 days, you get a $100 bonus. There is no limit on how many times you get this bonus. So let’s say you refer 25 new affiliates in one week, and you’ll earn $500! Now you have seen the incentives to LEARN MORE CLICK HERE!